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Bio: Ironically the main reason I started this blog was to be able to be a little less concerned with what people thought of anything I wrote(!); to develop a thicker skin, perhaps. My day job is as an academic, a job infused with the extraordinary conceit that academics are influencers; that we change the ways people think. Well maybe. Maybe not. All I know is that every so often I have moments of insight into New Zealand’s cultures, politics and social conditions that I’d like to throw out there. If you have anything you’d like to throw back at me by way of comments, I’d appreciate it.

Oh, and by the way, as I am ruthlessly exploiting the image of the kārearea for my own selfish purposes, it’s only fair I point out this wonderful bird is New Zealand’s only endemic raptor. How cool is that. Worth protecting, right?



He uri tēnei nō Te Rarawa (Ngāti Moetonga, Te Rokekā) me Ngāti Pākehā hoki.

Nō te Hāhi Mihinare (Anglican)

Ko Māmari Stephens tōku ingoa.

Kia ora!



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