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Internet Mana: the enemy of my enemy is my friend (atm, lol)

I wrote this post back in May about formation of Internet Mana, interesting to look back…I don’t mention the personalities involved, but I think I wasn’t that far off…for what that’s worth. Not a tin of fish, praps!


There is a leap of faith that the membership of both the MANA Movement and the Internet Party have taken. That leap is the presumption that voterswill be aspragmatic as these parties have been. As one thoughtful commenter on social media observed (commenting on Sue Bradford’s decision to leave the party):

I also was worried about this when it was first mooted. However it is a very pragmatic arrangment with the Internet Party (not Kim Dotcom the individual) and the way it is set up totally leaves Mana intact as well as it has many rigorous safeguards…What it does do is offer the possibility of maximising the party vote in a way that may make some dent in ousting the Nats (without which the reality of a “farleft movement for change” is a fantasy) Realistically Mana had neither the people or resources to promote the party vote alone. The Mana…

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